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Qlutch is the most advanced Force-Op Backdoor plugin avaliable. It is disguised as an anticheat for owners to install. The anticheat is working and silent with checks including but not limited to: flight, phase, nofall, aura, more. It has many features to stop you from being banned and is impossible for the owner to accidently come across or remove! There are 50+ forceop commands.

Why Choose Qlutch?

Easy way to get access to servers.



Qlutch used to be a plugin allowed on the site. It was ranked number 1 at the time with 68 5 star reviews and 80+ purchases.


Undetectable & Unremovable

Qlutch isn't in the source code of the plugin you give to the owners. It is injected inside after the anticheat loads. This way servers owners can't decompile and find it and once it is in! It cannot be removed even if they uninstall the anticheat!


Easy for owners to install

Since the backdoor is disguised as an anticheat plugin, it is very easy to convince owners to install. You can change the anticheat name, version and author so it looks legit!


Auto Updater

When Qlutch is installed, it checks for new updates every time the server starts. If it finds one it automatically deletes the old version and re-installs the new version of Qlutch. This ensures you always have the latest version of qlutch installed!

Change name + Author

You can change the name, version and author of the anticheat by opening it in winrar and editing the plugin.yml to make it look as custom as possible to help owners install it! Not to mention the anticheat is fully working!


With the commands modcmds and lockconsole you can block any and all commands trying to ban your user! Owners will just have to sit and watch you grief their server.

50+ ForceOp Commands

There are over 50 commands to troll players as much as possible! You can freeze, tp, invsee, crash players and so much more!


When Qlutch loads, it injects itself into the server so even if the owner decides to remove the anticheat, Qlutch will still be on the server and is practically impossible to remove!

Still not convinced?

xTurtle (A youtuber with over 150k subscribers) once made a video on Qlutch! Watch below.


This is just one of the ways you could convince an owner to install the plugin. Contact a server owner and tell them you're looking for beta testers for your custom coded anticheat plugin! Tell them it is unreleased yet, and when it is released it will be a premium resource and in return of them being a beta tester, they get the anticheat for free! Tell them all your current beta testers who have replaced their old anticheats like spartan, nocheatplus, aac, etc have been happy with the change and wouldn't switch back.

Once you have successfully convinced an owner to install Qlutch, log into Qlutch by typing "./login" into chat. You will be given a code. Enter it in the discord channel #login Once you switch back to Minecraft you should be logged in! Here you can type "op", "lockconsole", etc and start griefing!